About us

Founded at the heart of Cairo and now expanded across the Middle East, Cubic has emerged as a distinguished figure in the construction industry since 2012. Specializing in a diverse range of projects in the hospitality, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. With a comprehensive approach, Cubic undertakes projects of various scales, ranging from medium and large scale. From initial design to final execution, we take pride in managing every aspect of a project’s life cycle.

One of our key strengths is our ability to undertake projects of various scales, ranging from small-scale renovations to medium and large-scale construction ventures. Whether it’s a boutique hotel, a high-end residential complex, a modern office building, or an industrial facility, Cubic is equipped to handle projects of any size and complexity. From the initial design and conceptualization stage to the final execution and finishing touches, at Cubic, we take pride in meticulously managing every aspect of a project’s life cycle, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome.

Mission & Vision​


At Cubic, our mission is to be recognized as industry leaders and a premier construction company known for consistently delivering exceptional results. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence,redefining the art of construction with each project we undertake.


We envision ourselves as trailblazers, setting new industry standards through the fusion of cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices,and creative solutions. Our commitment to continuous growth propels us to expand our horizons, embracing diverse projects and different markets that showcase our versatility and mastery. As a collaborative force, we aim to reshape environments, enrich communities, and leave an indelible mark of progress.